CrewHero™ Terms of Service

Crew Hero is a search and referral service for clients seeking vetted crew for any type of content production. It is a service provided by Secret Weapon Studios Inc.


$45 for a single-crew search
$85 for a double-crew search
$125 includes up to 4 searches
If you are searching for full crew or larger numbers please contact us for custom pricing.

Payment Methods
We accept all major credit cards for this service and use STRIPE for secure transactions.

Payment Terms
Credit card authorization is required to begin a search.
Payment will not be captured until we provide you with at least 1 vetted, available and interested crew.

Amount of Crew Provided
You will not be charged until we provide you with at least 1 vetted, available and interested crew. We often find more than 1 interested crew for each request, and will provide 2 or even 3 if our search provides them. Once we find and provide you with at least 1 vetted and available crew, we will capture payment.

Search Time
While most crew searches yield results in less than a few hours, it may take up to 24-48 hours or more depending on the type of crew required. There is no guarantee of how fast our search will be completed, and each search time depends on the complexity of the request. We will share results as fast as they come in.

Search Terms
Once we are provided the search terms and a request has been submitted, our search begins. If the search terms / qualifications change mid-search it will be considered a “new search”. At that time you will be asked to start a new search and make a new payment to begin the new search.

Vetting of Crew
“Vetting” of crew is done by a combination of our internal film production team and our vetted crew network. Vetting does not guarantee anything about the crew – but it does mean that our experienced production team has checked experience level, validity of resumes, experience with others in our network – and feel that we would personally hire that person to work with us.

Connection to Crew
Once we find and vet the crew and confirm their availability and interest in your project, you will be given a link to their profile in our network that includes their resumes, work examples and their contact information.

Client Responsibility
Once we connect you to the available vetted crew, you are solely responsible for booking and payment per terms agreed with the crew.

Reserved Rights
Secret Weapon Studios and Crew Hero were built by filmmakers for filmmakers. We expect any client that we connect crew with to pay in a timely manner per terms you have agreed with the crew member. If it comes to our attention that a crew member we connected with a client is not paid on time or if there are other issues, we reserve the right to decline future jobs with that client.

We also reserve the right to remove vetted crew from our network if it comes to our attention that a client was unhappy with their service.

Vetted Crew Network Members Who Opt-in to CrewHero Program

Crew Finder’s Fees
Finder’s fees are paid to those in our vetted network for helping source crew for Crew Hero services.

“Finder’s fee” is defined as a one-time payment paid to the first/fastest person in our network who provides the first available, qualified / interested crew member for any particular client search. The crew member they recommend must first complete a profile page in our system so we can provide that to the client. Finder’s fee will not be awarded until the recommended crew member completes the profile – so both the finder and the crew they recommend must act fast to win the finder’s fee.

In order to qualify to win a finder’s fee you must opt-in via your profile page and add a payment option of Venmo or Zelle.

Finder’s fee is currently $10 – and only 1 finder’s fee is awarded per client-requested search.

Our goal is to provide our vetted crew network the opportunity to monetize the standard crew referral process. Secret Weapon Studios was founded by experienced freelance filmmakers who have recommended folks over and over again – and know the value in a good recommendation. The old joke of “if I could only make a buck for every time I recommended someone for a job” finally has an actual payment at the end of the joke.

The Crew Hero search system is activated when a client contacts us in need of a vetted crew member. We first search our internal vetted crew network to see if anyone is available and interested in the job. If no one is available, our system sends a text message to everyone in our vetted network who has opted into the Crew Hero network. The text contains details of the job that can be forwarded to new crew they would like to refer. The first qualified and available referred crew who responds by submitting a profile becomes first in line for the job – and the person who recommends them is paid a finder’s fee.

Once we have received a qualified and available crew referral who is interested in the job, we will send a 2nd text message to everyone notifying them that the search is over, and that the finder’s fee has been claimed.

We reserve the right to pay more than 1 finder’s fee in the event that 2 submissions come in back to back. There is no 2nd or 3rd place finders’ fee.

This is a new, tech platform and a new concept to pay crew for their referrals, so please understand that we are working out bugs and may be overcoming issues in real time. If you have any suggestions or concerns please let us know HERE.