Drone Pilot Profile

Thank you for joining Secret Weapon Studios vetted network of drone pilots.


Secret Weapon is a film-tech company built by filmmakers for filmmakers, designed to make various parts of production easier for any film, video or content maker.

DroneHero will enable producers and creators to quickly find vetted, available drone pilots (that’s you!). It’s designed to help find you more work – faster – and get you paid on delivery of your footage, not waiting months to get paid!

DroneHero streamlines the client-to-drone op conversation, instantly confirms that the location is OK to shoot via FAA, guarantees payment to you,), offers flexible shoot windows for lower-budget projects, without taking any fees from you (we’re not into that). We do offer a 3 or 5-day shoot / delivery window to clients who have low budgets, offering flexibility for both parties if agreed upon

We’ve successfully offered our other services to Warner Media, Hulu, FoodTV and more.

How it works:

You create a profile in our network below. We then vet the information/confirm work sample links are working and your payment info. When a client is looking for a drone op, we’ll notify local ops that are in our network of the job offer, terms and rates via email – and will book the first op who responds to the offer. To keep it fair, we’ll notify all of the ops at the same time… so it’s first come-first-serve on getting the job.

Once awarded the job, you will be connected to clients for further instruction or provided details of the shoot. You will then invoice Secret Weapon, shoot the content and upload to our server. Once footage has been uploaded it will trigger payment to you via Venmo, Zelle or other electronic method. The Secret Weapon team will handle delivery of content to the client or any editing they require.

Our clients range from big budget to small/independent, so we are looking for drone ops with all ranges of experience and rates. If a job offer comes your way that feels too small for you, please let us know that you decline based on size or rate, and will make sure not to bug you with small offers in the future.