PlanetHero Terms of Service

PlanetHero is a service provided by Secret Weapon Studios Inc., created to help offset the carbon footprint of your film or video shoot.

Secret Weapon Studios is an authorized marketplace on the carbon certificate registry platform.

The current carbon offset option that PlanetHero provides via “retirement” on the platform is called a CORC, which is a CO₂ Removal Certificate equivalent to 1 ton of CO₂ offset.

Secret Weapon Studios purchases CORC’s through a third party broker called GECA that buys negative emissions directly from various Puro-certified biochar producers including Oregon Biochar.

Biochar is the end-result of a process that creates negative carbon emissions.

When a customer on PlanetHero wishes to offset part of their carbon footprint, they pay to “retire” a CORC or CORCs via – and therefore become the “registered beneficiary” of the offset. More info here:

Our Footprint Estimator

PlanetHero and Secret Weapon Studios are not claiming to be able to tally the carbon footprint of your film or video shoot, and are not claiming that our Estimator is tallying any exact carbon footprint.

The Estimator is intended for demonstration purposes only to show averages of carbon emissions.

The math used in our Estimator is based on carbon emission totals found in various sources available to the public found online, including but not limited to the following:
Carbon Emissions of Film and Television Production (Sustainable Production Alliance, March 2021), 4.

Purchasing the Offset

When purchasing 1 ton of offset via PlanetHero, Secret Weapon Studios purchases 1 CORC / 1 ton of offset from GECA and then immediately retires it on the platform.

This “retirement” closes the cycle of that CORC as proof that the creation of 1 ton of negative emissions, produced in the form of biochar by Oregon Biochar, was paid for by the beneficiary, and that 1 ton/ CORC will not be resold.

Our Service Fees

We add a $10 service fee for each CORC purchased via PlanetHero plus any credit card transaction fees. If you wish to pay by other methods to avoid a service charge please contact us directly.

Helpful links to learn more about carbon offset can be found here: